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Interested in becoming a counsellor at our overnight camp one day? Want to learn leadership skills while having fun?

Have you attended Camp Dreamwood in the past and are now interested in becoming more involved?

Then the Camp Dreamwood LIT Program may be the right choice for you! 


NEW: Currently in Grade 8

Positive Attitude

Love of Kids

Willingness to Work Hard & Learn


Invaluable Leadership Experience

Problem Solving Skills

Team Work

Empowerment to Succeed

Increased Self Confidence

A Lifelong Family


Accommodations & Food

Camp/LIT T-Shirt

Training Sessions

Volunteer Hours

Hands-on Experience

Letter of Reference 


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Advanced leadership program

Our Advanced Leadership Program is also known as ALP is for campers who are looking to develop their leadership skills at an accelerated pace, allowing them the opportunity to grow both individually and in a group setting.​ Want to know more? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below

Do I have to apply to this program?

This program will be application-based and requires participants to be in Grade 9 or older. In addition, will require one reference, this reference can be a teacher, an employer, a coach or an instructor of an extra-curricular (please reach out with any additional questions regarding your reference). We will be choosing applicants who demonstrate a strong will to learn, work hard and explore and improve their all-around leadership skills. 

How is this program different then our LIT program?

Our LIT program allows the opportunity to develop leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities solely. Whereas our ALP will provide vast teaching opportunities specified to developing strong leadership and life skills. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to participate in daily learning activities, through a variety of written and verbal tasks, as well as the opportunity to shadow a program instructor in order to develop hands-on leadership skills. They will also be provided with the opportunity to hear from experienced leaders from a variety of backgrounds.


What is the commitment for this program?

Our Advanced leadership program will require a 3-week commitment, this ensures that campers have optimal time to complete all of the programming and activities, as well as allowing the opportunity for hands-on leadership experiences, and providing them with maximal time to form connections and grow with those in their session. For this summer our ALP will run one 3 week session in August (July 31st-August 19th) members of this program who will be attending camp for longer than the 3-week session will participate in our LIT program for the weeks prior to ALP.

What do I get for completing this program?

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive an evaluation, as well as a reference letter available upon request. Further, participants will receive a certificate and 252 high-school volunteer hours.​

What does a day look like for someone in this program?

Participants of this program will follow a daily schedule comprised of 3 sessions. We refer to this as LEARN, EXPERIENCE, LEAD. Throughout the morning session, this is when they will get the opportunity to complete various activities including ones geared towards public speaking, written skills, goal-setting, reflections and more. During session 2 they will have the chance to participate in the activity of their choice, whether this is kayaking/canoeing, high ropes, archery and more. Finally, session 3 will allow the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt in their morning session and take on a leadership role by shadowing a program instructor at an activity of their choice, in order to develop the skills that will allow them the chance to lead the activity alongside the instructor by the end of the week. Participants who are interested in working alongside our campers with special needs will be provided with the opportunity to be paired with an individual with special needs in order to gain more in-depth training to work with those who may require additional support.

How much does it cost?

The program will cost $3,000 for the early bird rate which will be offered until April 2022. This is $450 more than our regular LIT program. These costs are for our extensive programming and guest speakers.

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