Camp Fire


Summer Camp is essential to families especially after a summer without Dreamwood. We are so thankful that you put your trust in Dreamwood and choose us to care for your prized possessions. We do not take this job lightly and we are working hard to make sure we can run camp safely for all involved. Working closely with our camp facilities, the OCA & public health we have put together a number of plans to make sure we can operate safely this summer. This past year has shown us that things are always changing and so we will update you monthly with our most current Covid-related safety measures should anything change. Some of our current plans include creating cohorts, keeping our bus and camp enrollment smaller than previous summers (and according to Ontario guidelines), enhanced sanitation practices and facilities, daily health screening for campers and staff, testing, and more. 


Training for staff will be increased especially in the areas of cleaning and hygiene.


Dreamwood is hoping to be able to offer rapid testing to campers so we are able to create a safe space at camp.


We have made important changes to our dates including running camp in August, back to back weeks, and Monday arrival to give more time to clean and iron out policies and procedures.


Dreamwood will be hiring nursing staff to make sure that our campers will have the best medical care possible.


Dreamwood will be purchasing air purifiers for all common areas at camp to improve ventilation and indoor air quality.


We have been working hard to create a rapid response plan that not only includes testing but screening and detailed logs as well as protocols to assess and isolate any symptomatic guests or staff members.

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