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Camp Dreamwood began as just that: a dream. A dream to bring together a passion for camp and inclusion. A dream to create a home where each camper could not only be themselves, but be loved for themselves. A dream that has become a reality, but can become an even bigger one with your help. 


8 years ago, Camp Dreamwood began operating as an innovative, inclusive overnight summer camp. With a model unlike many others, campers here are all part of one camp. No matter their age, race, or abilities, our programming is inclusive of each and every camper that attends. While we have been incredibly appreciative of the various camps that have offered us their space over the years, we are now ready to build our own. 


Thanks to the support from you over the past few years, our dream has been able to grow. We want to offer even more campers a life-changing experience. An experience we hope to provide through the purchase of our own property. 


We have purchased a beautiful plot of land; 350 acres with a private lake. One where we can see a dining hall full of smiles. One where we can hear the splash of another Dreamwood camper jumping in the lake. One where we can feel the spirit of Dreamwood come to life each and every summer. 


Over the past 7 years, we have seen an outpouring of support from our campers’ families, our staff and other supporters. Now, we need you even more. 


Our future home is ours and we need your help to build it. The desire for our campers to return to their Dreamwood family is even bigger than before. In support of this campaign, you are providing us with so much more than a donation. You’re providing campers with a future home. A home we will use to deliver the Dreamwood magic to even more deserving children. 


We are launching the “Build our Home” campaign now to begin the next phase of Camp Dreamwood. We have several investors who are making this possible but we would love your help to help support Dreamwood. 

This is where we need you. Your support will allow us to create a true Home Away from Home for our Dreamwood campers. 


We can not express our gratitude for each and every individual who supports this dream. If you are interested in providing a gift to the “Build our Home” campaign, please reach out to us! We love talking all things Dreamwood and would love to tell you more about our plan. 



As we begin to build our own home, we hope that you will help us paddle home this summer.

You can give to our Building Dreamwood - Paddle Campaign, which will provide you with a personalized paddle that will be hung in our brand new dining hall.

Building Dreamwood - Paddle (Small) - $250

Building Dreamwood - Paddle (Large) - $550




As we begin to build our own home, we hope to pave the future with our supporters in mind. 

You can give to our Build our Home - Brick Campaign, which will provide you with a personalized stone used in the development of our property.

Building Dreamwood - Brick (Small) - $300

Building Dreamwood - Brick (Large) - $500



We have an amazing opportunity for you to leave your legacy on our future home. Your gift will not only leave a legacy of your family or business at camp, but gives 100's of campers each week a place to call home.

The following opportunities are available for your family or business to name a building or program area.

Legacy Plaque in Dining Hall (Unlimited) - $1,000 each

Fire Pit (1) - $2,500

Archery Area (1) - $3,000

Arts & Crafts Area (1) - $5,000

Sports Court (1) - $9,000

Cabins (12) - $10,000 each

Med Shed (1) - $15,000

Waterfront (1) - $25,000

Rock Wall (1) - $30,000

Shower House (2) - $50,000 each

Challenge Course - $100,000

Activity Center - $150,000

Dining Hall - $300,000

All of those who give will be contacted shortly after their gift to confirm personalization details.

For Legacy gifts, please contact us above.

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